1. Go to
2. Click on Login at the top right corner of the page displayed.
3. Enter your username and password (Matric. No without the forward slash and the same password used on the university Portal), click on the Login button to login.
4. Scroll down to Course categories and click on the Unit of the GS course you registered for the semester.
5. The Unit opens up and a list of all the courses under the Unit are displayed.
6. Look for the Course you registered (Example: HUMANITIES: LOGIC, PHILOSOPHY AND HUMAN EXISTENCE (GSP 207) QUIZ) and Click on the Course. NOTE: This must be the course you registered for.
7. Click on the course Title, and type in the Enrollment key (UNN/GS/2016-17/QUIZ).Click on the Unmask checkbox to see what you are typing in.
8. Click on the Quiz with the name of your department attached. Example: QUIZ FOR PSYCHOLOGY, LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE AND MEDICAL HEALTH SCIENCES (BATCH A – 8.00AM – 8.10AM)
9. Attempt the Quiz.

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