S/N Department Courses Examination date Examination status
1 School of General Studies

GS 101 05/04/2017 To be conducted
GS 105 04/04/2017 To be conducted
GS111 06/04/2017 To be conducted
GS 201 03/04/2017 To be conducted
GS 207 04/04/2017 To be conducted
2 Social Sciences FSS 201(Basic Statistics for Social Sciences) 10/03/2017  Successfully conducted
3 Chemistry

CHM 101(Basic Principles of Chemistry) To be conducted
CHM 101 (TEST) 24/03/2017  Successfully conducted
4 Mathematics MTH 121(Elementary Mathematics II)   TEST 27/03/2017  Successfully conducted
MTH 111(Elementary Mathematics I)    TEST 28/03/2017  Successfully conducted
MTH 121(Elementary Mathematics II)  10/04/2017 To be conducted
MTH 111(Elementary Mathematics I) 11/04/2017 To be conducted
5 Computer Science COS 101 (Introduction to Computer Science) 08/04/2017 To be conducted
6 Statistics STA203 (Statistics for Agriculture and Biological sciences I) 07/03/2017  Successfully conducted
STA205 (Statistics for Physical Sciences and Engineering I) 17/03/2017  Successfully conducted
7 CEDR CED 341 (Introduction to Entrepreneurship) 20/03/2017  Successfully conducted
8 Economics ECO 131 31/03/2017 To be conducted
9 Biological Scs BIO 351(General Genetics) 23/03/2017  Successfully conducted
BIO 151 (General Biology I) 07/04/2017 To be conducted
BIO 101(Genetics for Medical Students )


To be conducted
10 Linguistics, Igbo and Other Langs LIN 141(Introduction to Linguistics I) 12/04/2017 To be conducted

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