Season’s greetings to the ever dogged and patriotic citizens of the Lion Republic.  It is a season to reminisce on
the sacrifices of the risen Christ and the price he paid for our Liberty.

I encourage you to have fun and eat loads but bear in mind that Christ is and remains the reason for a season like this and we must ensure that our pleasures exhort him.

While many are in the comfort of their homes and the warm embrace of friends and folk, the executives of the SUG have decided to stay back and put some things in place ahead of your resumption.

In a tour around the hostels carried out by the SUG, we observed that the mattresses on which our students lay, is an embarrassment to our nature, completely inhumane and  fit only for animals. To this end, we have begun giant strides to seek external funding to replace these mattresses.

We give our assurances that upon resumption or just a couple of weeks after, we would have completed the purchase and replacement of these bedbug-ridden-silly-excuse-of-a-mattress and give the life in the hostels, a significant face-lift.

We also conducted interviews of the physically challenged (especially the visually impaired) and observed their challenges especially in the area of transportation. This SUG has made it a firm commitment to ensure that we source for funding to purchase buses that are dedicated to their transportation and comfort.

On the issue of shuttles carrying 6 persons per shuttle and the barricade placed on moving along some key routes in the school, be assured that we have commenced efforts to open up these routes as well as reduce the number of persons taken per shuttle.

This administration was voted in by the popular demand of the ever dogged Lions and Lionesses who staked sweat and blood to ensure that their mandate was given to the right persons. In this season of Easter, we assure you that like Christ, we will make all sacrifices necessary to ensure that we do not disappoint you. Service to God and humanity has been our drive and we will not stop until we make a difference and leave lasting footprints in the sands of time.

*Freedom cometh by struggle*

*Aluta Continua, Victoria Ascerta*


*Comr. Ezeja Joshua*
*President/GCLR, SUG, UNN*

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