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I write to inform us all of some of the activities as planned by the faculty, and we seek your full cooperation.

1. The opening of the brand new toilet/convenience and the attendant Congress.
 Let me start by appreciating mechanical engineering department for their extreme benevolence in letting us use their toilet facility, starting Wednesday, 10th may, 2017 immediately after the Congress to be held at the mechanical fourth year class. After the Congress will be the opening of this facility which is  for both boys and girls. And it is with respect to this that I beg that we all grace this event,  and also make use of the facility wisely. Anyone caught messing our environment up, should be dealt with as appropriate. Support us to help you. Time for the Congress is 12 noon.

2.The organised field trip to lagos.
 This is a field trip/picnic in which the first forty people to pay. We are set to visit Egbin power station on Thursday, 25th may, and Tarkwa bay, on Friday,  26th may 2016. We will also lodge in a hotel room for 3 nights,  before returning.  The trip will cost 15 k,  and we are all implored to seize this opportunity as it is a once in a lifetime experience.

3. Faculty jug out session.
 We will have a jug out and marathon on Saturday,  13th may, 2017. We will provide water and glucose,  and make arrangements for musicals. It’s a pure relaxation session to welcome us back.
It is free and we should be part of it, to make it fun.

4. Faculty polos and caps-
They might seem expensive,  but we insist on quality.
They are polos that should help us identify as engine boys and girls. Get one for yourself. It is limited edition. Pay and feel like a boss engineer.

5. Faculty tutorials-
Registration has kicked off for the organised tutorials in matlab, autocad, inverter design,  inventor.  This programmes will soon start in earnest, as even certificates will be issued by the Dean to participants. Let us all try improve ourselves as engineers.

6. IT placement-
This is to encourage all students from 1st year to come forward and collect their IT letters to enable you secure placement for zero unit IT during the long vacation,  rather than spending the time in our rooms. We have secured the approval for you, and we ask that you use the opportunity.

7. For students of electrical and electronics engineering yet to get IT placement,  and who want to learn practically how to use electronic components, to do great things as inverter building, automatic transfer switch , and get real experience,  just contact me and I’ll try fix you up with people who want you trained.


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