Questions 1:

What is the main message of the story about the hunter?

Answer: Parents should pass across their wealth of knowledge to their children and the children should do the same when they grow up.

Questions 2:

In the Novel, Aliya is suffering from a health condition known as ___

Answer: Asthma

Questions 3:

Bolaji Abdullahi’s “Sweet Sixteen” is written in?

Answer: First person narrative

Questions 4:

Although, many people thought Grace was a snob but Aliya thinks she was?

Answer: Nice and Generous

Questions 5

The novel “Sweet Sixteen” is published by?

Answer: Masobe Books

Questions 6:

At what point did Aliya start to consider being a lawyer as a career?

Answer: When she found Grisham’s book at the library.

Questions 7

In the novel, Aliya is assertive that whenever anyone wants her father’s full attention should?

Answer: Tell him a story

Questions 8

According to the sweet sixteen novel, which of these society has “Fat-farms”, where girls were force-fed to fatten them up in the novel?

Answer: Mauritania

Questions 9

The spinal bond document gift from Aliya’s father has on it, which of these bold inscriptions?

Answer: Letter to my Daughter

Questions 10

According to the novel, which of these character is described as a clear gold medalist?

Answer: Akin

Questions 11

What does HAK mean in the book?

Answer: Hugs and kisses.

Questions 12

As a child, Aliya hated to be called a child but a

Answer: Young adult

Questions 13

According to the Novel, K.P.C is a social media language that means

Answer: Keep the parent clueless

Questions 14

Which of these is a constant presence in Aliya’s life?

Answer: Her Ventolin Inhaler

Questions 15

Who is Mr. Bello’s favourite musician

Answer: Mr. Bello listened to Fela’s music and other songs too but his favourite musician is Ali Farka Toure which is from Mali

Questions 16

Whenever Aliya’s mum stops being angry, she

Answer: sings around the house

15 What was the introductory statement on Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?
Answer: ”How time flies”

16.In the department of rascality and smartness who was the gold medalist?
Answer: Akin.

17. To Aliya what is the meaning of being dumb?
Answer: Not being intelligent.
18. What is the title of chapter one of sweet sixteen?
Answer: The letter.
19. What is Aliya’s mother profession?
Answer: Nursing.
20. What is the name of Aliya’s father?
Answer: Mr. Bello
21. To Aliya being called a child is the same thing as?
Answer: Stupid.
22. At the birth of Aliya what was he fathers profession?
Answer: Journalism.
23. The only thing Aliya’s father thought was worth celebrating was?
Answer: Achievements not birthday.
24. The name of the writer of sweet sixteen is ?
Answer: Bolaji Abdullahi.
25. What name disgusted Aliya most?
Answer: You could call her chubby, plump but not fat.
26. At What age did Aliya start wearing bra?
Answer: At the age of ten.
27. At what age did Aliya get into secondary school?
Answer: 12
28. What was Aliyas perception about her roommate Grace?
ANS. She was a nice and generous person.
29. What was the proof that Aliya was serious in her chemistry for the term?
Answer: It reflected in her continuous Assessment and she made an A at the end of
the term.
30. What kind of girls did Mr. Bello say boys like?
Answer: Dumb girls.
31. According to sweet sixteen what is the main aim of chess game?
Answer: To capture opponents king.

32. Why did Aliya not return Tokunbos teddy bear which he gave her on Valentine’s day?
Answer: She thought she won’t do that without hurting him.
33. Aliya’s religion was?
Answer: Islamic religion.
34. What is the title of Aliyas 16th birthday letter?
Answer: ”Letter to my daughter”
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17. What was Aliya’s sixteenth birthday present?
Answer: A portable digital Camera.
18. What was so special about Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?
Answer: It had 16 pages and each page for each year of her life.
19. What was Aliya doing when grace returned from the bathroom on Aliya 16th birthday?
Answer: Dressing her bed.
20. What are the definitions Mr. Bello give as the meaning of dumb girls?
Answer: A girl who needs to live up to peoples’s expectation
21. What statement does Aliya father make to end discussions during visiting days?
Answer: ”By the way do you still have your inhalers”
22. What sickness was Aliya suffering from?
Answer: Asthma.
23. What advice did Aliya’s father give to her when she asked if she could return the teddy to
Answer: “Well is a decision you have to make for yourself”.
24. Mention two incidence that stopped Aliya from returning Bobo’s teddy to him?.
ANS.The duty master approaching them in their mode of discussion and secondly
tokunbo travelling to Ireland.
25. What is Bobo’s real name ?
Answer: Tokunbo.
26. She felt she could be charged for the number of words she spoke who is this?
Answer: Grace.
27. What surprised Aliya about her 16th birthday letter?
ANS. She thought her dad copied Maya Angelou work with the title “letter to my
daughter”, but was surprised to see her dad copied only the title and wrote the letter
in his words.
28. Apart from Public relations job another occupation considered by Aliya’s mother for her
father is?
Answer: . Stand up Comedy.
29. Who is the king of boys according to the novel?
ANS. Akin.
17. What did Aliya’s friends tell her about having male siblings?
Answer: They are annoying.
18. What was the name of Aliya’s mathematics teacher?
Answer: Miss. Salako.
19. “Must you always be a jerk, she asked menacingly” who was this statement referring to and
Answer: To Akin because he pronounced mensuration as menstruation which made
the whole class burst into laughter.

20. What was people’s perception about Grace?
Answer: People thought she was a snob because she did not like talking.
21. Aliya’s birthday gift while in school was mostly given to her by?
Answer: The principal.
22. What was written on the teddy bears heart shaped embossment given to Aliya by Tokunbo?
Answer: I love you.
23. To perform well in the terminal examination what was Aliya’s plan?
Answer: To improve her question answering speed by taking off five minutes allowed
to each question.
24. What was the title of Aliya’s 12th birthday letter.
Answer: Happy birthday my first lady, remember only God is greater than you.
25. At primary school,Aliya’s father was working with a?
Answer: Public Relations Agency

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